The Park

A place to fit in.
A space to stand out.

Okay Bears is a culture shift.
An extraordinary brand built by ordinary people.

In a polar world of winners and losers, heroes and villains, artists and builders, the middle ground has been left barren. That very ground lays the foundation of The Park, where it is okay to be okay.

An immaculate collection of 10,000 diverse bears that grant you exclusive access to The Park, where together, we build a virtuous community that will transcend the internet into the real world.

Through meaningful member-only merch drops, outdoor campaigns, exclusive live events and collaborations with indie businesses and world-renowned brands, we create a community-centric, globally recognised brand that is a force for good.
we are Okay.

Bear with us

With tertiary degrees in graphic design, art history and branding, Kais brings his strategic experience in building and leading design projects for many global brands including Unicef, United Nations, Unilever, Greenpeace, Ford, Dell and Olympus.
Previously an engineer, now an emerging leader in developing and nurturing web3 communities. Suby brings experience working in a strategic design consulting firm engaged in leading NFT collection projects for established international teams.
Digital Artist
Rio brings a wealth of experience in popular game projects, including Legends of Runeterra, Smite Games, and Clash Royale, and movies such as Cinderella, Halfworlds, Grisse, and May the Devil Take You.
After completing her Masters of Fine Arts from NYU, Mandy worked on a diverse range of global creative projects including illustration for established international toy companies and financial institutions before joining our Okay Bears team.
Starting with qualifications in product design, Moony journey has led to a deep expertise in character illustration, which has since included lead illustration for childrens’ books, productions and content design for museum experiences.
Concept Artist
An experienced graphic designer who has developed original IP with a diverse range of brands from indie collectives to creative projects.
Web Developer
With a background in industrial design and extensive certification in UX practice, teeQ has worked on a wide range of design and creative projects including UX, UI and web development for global startups and government agencies.
Full-Stack Developer
In addition to his Masters in Computer Science, Devid brings extensive industry experience in development for digital transformation projects across Asia including major government and ecommerce projects.
Game Developer
A deeply experienced game developer supported by a Masters in Game and Interactive Media, GG is also a highly competent 3D character artist with experience and success across several NFT communities and projects.
Software Engineer
Aircraft engineer by day, web3 developer by night. Building on successful NFT community projects, Shoevan is continually looking to build on web3 skills with a focus on quality, utility and mainstream adoption.

Build with us

Our brand is built through community, and together, we are creating one of the world’s leading web three brands. Since day one, our community has been adding building blocks to our identity. It’s how WAGBO was born and how #WeAreOkay spread through Twitter like wildfire. The Okay Bear movement is about to take over, and we want you to bear with us.