watering roots

Our first Okay Cares charity project was in collaboration with HEIR and Chicago Bulls’ Lonzo Ball. We resonate with Zo’s incredible story filled with many moments of resilience that align with our WAGBO message.
Chicago Bulls star Lonzo Ball embraced his custom Okay Bear for charity, empowering young players in his hometown neighbourhood.

With Zo’s efforts and our community support, we were able to help construct a new co-branded basketball court in the NBA stars’ hometown, inspiring and empowering local highschoolers.
Lonzo’s community used HEIR’s platform to Co-Create the Zo Bear by voting on the NFT design and artwork.

The winning bid of 444.44 Sol broke NFT records for a 24hr auction. 100% of auction funds were used to refurbish 2 courts at Verbum Dei High School in LA
HEIR’s Jeffrey M. Jordan and his team worked with Okay Bears for a series of co-branded impactful community events and inclusive courtside experiences. The partnership reflects strong alignment in values and clean, positive brand messaging.