Introducing the Best Way to Advertise on Twitter, OKAY+

May 2023

Popular online community Okay Bears has introduced a powerful advertising model for brands looking to reach desirable target audiences on Twitter.

With its new Web3-enabled platform, OKAY+, collectors can now showcase their branded NFTs on their profile pictures, making every online interaction a branded one.

Generating over 60 million impressions per month in the male 18-35 demographic, OKAY+ offers a unique platform that rewards branded social media engagement.  Brands can now feature their products and ad content in profile pictures, or sponsor giveaways using ‘Badges and Streaks’.

In just 10 days since the launch of Badges and Streaks, the community has organically generated over 9,500 Twitter posts. The community has earned a reputation for its positive online content and behavior, making it the ideal choice for brands looking to leverage a trusted Web3 company for their own marketing efforts.

Okay Bears is the only Web3 brand in partnership with leading licensing agency IMG. President Bruno Maglione, President of Licensing, IMG, said: “Okay Bears has shown that NFTs can be a powerful tool of mobilization and empowerment, creating a global community that exudes positivity and support. Their brand message and values have resonated with people across the world.”

How it Works

Okay Bears collectors use their individual NFT to represent them as profile pictures in social media.  By consistently ‘Repping’ the brand, they increase their chances to win collectible prizes, called a Rep Streak.  

Brands can sponsor Rep Streaks by adding their products into the profile pictures “PFP”. For example, headphones would appear on the user’s personal Bear image, collectively creating millions of branded impressions for that headphone product.

The innovative Badges & Streaks system tracks engagement and some participants will win the product or other prizes. Badges are awarded to dedicated collectors who reach certain milestones and participate in positive activities such as charity collaborations, previously including NBA players, UN Refugees, Movember and now a partnership with (RED).

The system also works for wider audiences who are not NFT collectors. GM Streaks (Good Morning)  builds on a beautiful habit in Web3 culture. Tweet GM once every 24 hrs (limited to once a day per account) to accumulate more tickets, which can feature branded content sponsored by advertising partners.

In summary, the power of OKAY+ is a game-changer for Twitter advertising. It offers an innovative way for brands to reach desirable target audiences, leveraging the positive reputation of the Okay Bears community and Web3 technology.

Co-Founder Kais shares, "OKAY+ is a powerful model that amplifies brands with new Web3 technology. Thousands of collectors are ready to engage and collaborate in a meaningful way, previously not possible. It has been met with incredible enthusiasm from our global community."

For brand partnership enquiries, contact Peter Gould, Okay Bears, Chief Communications Officer:

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