Okay Bears NYC 2023

April 2023

NFT.NYC brought together a diverse group of Web3 enthusiasts, creatives & entrepreneurs to share their latest projects and partnerships in the world of digital collectibles & NFTs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most exciting updates from the Okay team with new partnerships and collaborations announced at the event, and explore how we’re pushing the boundaries of Web3.

Watch our Keynote livestream if you missed the live!

Key Updates:


Okay Bears introduced its highly anticipated Web3 platform, Badges & Streaks, which is a powerful way for brands to collaborate with our community, and an innovative tool designed for NFT collectors. Holders earn badges for collectible milestones, participating in community activities and can earn rewards & prizes. There are three ways to participate, including REP Streaks, Sleep Streak, and GM Streak.  

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Okay Bears is partnering with HEIR under its Okay Cares charitable initiative to collaborate with rising NBA Star Anthony Edwards. Anthony and his community will vote on and create a custom Okay Bear that will be auctioned off, and the proceeds will fund a charitable project chosen by Anthony and his community.


An exciting  joint partnership with (RED) was announced. (RED) works with select brand partners as a non-profit organization that fights against AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. The two organizations are set to release a limited-edition collection of Okay Bears x (RED) merchandise, including wristbands, hoodies, and t-shirts. A portion of every sale will help benefit the Global Fund, one of the world's largest funders of global health.

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One way OkayBears is aiming to bridge the gap between digital and physical is their new partnership with Mighty Jaxx. As one of the only NFT brands to be selected by MightyJaxx, holders will have the opportunity to collect high-end collectible toys and have custom toys made of their Bears.


Okay Bears has also partnered with Brand Design, one of Europe’s largest partners to major fashion retailers including H&M, Zara, and Pull&Bear, to license branded apparel and lifestyle fashion featuring Okay Bears branding and characters. This exciting opportunity also opens a unique way to reward holders of Okay Bears characters featured in the fashion line, via its Badges and Streaks system.  

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Okay Bears has introduced a powerful advertising model for brands looking to reach desirable target audiences on Twitter. With its new Web3-enabled platform, collectors can now showcase their branded NFTs on their profile pictures, making every online interaction a branded one.

Generating over 60 million impressions per month in the male 18-35 demographic, Okay Bears offers a unique platform that rewards branded social media engagement.  Brands can now feature their products and ad content in profile pictures, or sponsor giveaways.

Okay Bears is excited to be among the leading Web3 brands unveiling their latest projects and partnerships. From product releases like Badges & Streaks to collaborations with HEIR, (RED), Mighty Jaxx, and Brand Design, and more announcements to come, the Okay brand will be one to watch.  

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