IP license

when bears build,
we build together

Bring your bear to life.
Every Okay Bear is a non-fungible token (NFT) on the Solana blockchain. When you lawfully acquire an Okay Bears NFT, you own the actual token. You also have rights to use the art, subject to your compliance with these Terms.


Subject to your compliance with these Terms and our Usage Standards, for as long as you lawfully own an Okay Bear NFT, we grant you (and you alone) a non-exclusive, worldwide, right and license to use the art for your Okay Bears NFT for both personal use (such as for profile pics, social media content, physical prints or as your avatar in other digital worlds) and commercial use (such as selling t-shirts, comic books, etc.), as long as all such uses are in line with our usage standards.  Also, if you want to bundle the artwork for multiple Okay Bear NFTs in a single work for commercial use, such as a comic book or movie featuring multiple Okay Bears, you will need to submit an application and get our approval before doing so.

usage standards

Your use of the Art for your Okay Bear NFT must be suitable for all audiences. It may not be used in any way that is deceptive, divides people, promotes hatred, violence, substance abuse, drug & alcohol related products, gambling, mature themes, a specific political or religious ideology, or is otherwise unsuitable for all audiences.


When you hold an Okay Bear, you get access to an ever-expanding set of IP, not just a single image. We want to empower and inspire you to take your Okay Bear from an NFT to a stand-alone brand.
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Okay Bears trademarks

We think the Okay Bears brand is important and special. While this license allows you to use the artwork for your Okay Bear NFT, we retain all rights to use the “Okay Bears” trademark and brand.

oKB Community tool kit

This is your Brand

Our community is one of the most important
Okay Bears brand pillars. We’re thrilled to present
to you the OKB Community Brand Tool Kit.
The Tool Kit which includes the OKB wordmarks, community seal, bear mascot, typefaces and colours. This tool kit is exclusive to Okay Bear holders to build incredible personal and commercial brands while abiding by the usage standards stated above.