digital collectibles

worth their
weight in gold

Bear Drops is an experimental collection of NFT numismatic gold coins; gifted to Okay Bears holders in celebration of key milestones and special occasions.

bear drop #2


A limited collection of Boombox Coins worth their weight in gold, gifted to our community in celebration of our latest milestone.

bear drop #1

founders coin

10,000 Founders Coins celebrating you; our history-making, record-breaking, culture-shifting community.

All royalties earned on Founders Coins sales will be donated to Okay Cares in support of causes voted for by the community.

Leave your mark

with charitable royalties

All royalties earned on Coin sales in the first 8 weeks will be donated to Okay Cares in support of mental health causes voted for by the community.


Are Bear Drops really worth their weight in gold?

Yes, every Bear Drop has an attributed weight, the value of which is equivalent to that of gold.

Can I redeem my Bear Drop for gold?

The redeemable gold weight is a minimum total of 10 grams. Single coins under 10g can be exchanged for their equivalent gold value in SOL or USDC. Redemption will be available in Q4, 2022.

What happens to my NFT when I redeem it forᅠgold?

When a Bear Drop is redeemed for gold, the NFT gets burned, and the supply is reduced.

Does Okay Bears have a gold reserve?

Okay Bears is in possession of the total amount of gold, secured in an undisclosed world-class storage facility located deep underground in one of Australia’s most secure vaults.

Do these coins exist in the real world?

We are exploring a limited run of physical gold coins featuring Bear Drop designs, exclusive to Coin holders. More details will be made available when redemption goes live in Q4, 2022.

Are Founders Coins the only Bear Drop?

There will be future Bear Drops with unique art and will vary in collection size and weight, depending on the milestone or occasion.

What can I access if I hold a Bear Drop but not an Okay Bear?

Coin holders will receive limited access to The Park and occasional access to token-gated merch and events.

Do I own IP of those Founders Coins?

No, IP is not granted on Founders Coins. Okay Bears holders will receive their own graphic pack of their bears as part of our IP pack.

What are the royalties on Bear Drops?

0%. Moving forward, the will be no royalties on Bear Drops. All royalties previously collected from Founders Coins trading will be donated to a charity of the community's choice.

How are coins distributed?

Coins are distributed randomly. Design attributes and gold values are not assigned in relation to the original Okay Bear NFT.

Do the visual attributes of coins represent its gold value?

No, the visual design and rarity of the coins are not related.

How do I know which is the real coin in my wallet, and not a scam?

There are many scams active be wary. The safest way is to connect your wallet to Magic Eden to see it as a Verified Collection